fly1 [flī]
FLEW or, for vi. 10, flied, flown or, for vi. 10, flied, flying, flew [ME flien, flegen < OE fleogan, akin to MDu vlegen, Ger fliegen < IE * pleuk- < base * pleu-: see FLOW]
1. to move through the air; specif.,
a) to move through the air by using wings, as a bird does
b) to travel through the air in an aircraft or through space in a spacecraft
c) to be propelled through the air
2. to operate an aircraft or spacecraft
3. to wave or float in the air, as a flag or kite does
4. to move swiftly [the door flew open]
5. to appear to pass swiftly [time flies]
6. to be used up swiftly: said of money, etc.
7. to run away; flee
8. Informal to be successful, acceptable, etc. [that explanation just won't fly]
9. to hunt with a hawk
10. Baseball to hit a fly
a) to cause to float in the air [fly a kite]
b) to display (a flag) as from a pole
2. to operate (an aircraft or spacecraft)
a) to travel over in an aircraft
b) to travel via (a particular airline, aircraft, etc.)
4. to carry or transport in an aircraft
5. to run away from; flee from; avoid
6. to use (a hawk) to hunt game
7. Theater to suspend (flats, lights, etc.) in the space above the stage
pl. flies
1. Rare the act of flying; flight
a) a garment closure concealing the zipper, buttons, etc. by a fold or flap of cloth, esp. such a closure in the front of a pair of trousers: in full fly front
b) such a fold or flap
a) a flap serving as the door of a tent
b) a piece of fabric serving as an outer or second top on a tent
a) the length of an extended flag measured from the staff outward
b) the outside edge of a flag
5. a regulating device, as for a clockwork mechanism, consisting of vanes radiating from a rotating shaft
7. Brit. a hackney carriage
8. Baseball a ball batted high in the air, esp. within the foul lines
9. Football a pass pattern in which the receiver runs straight up the field at full speed
10. [pl.] Theater the space behind and above the proscenium arch, containing overhead lights, raised flats, etc.
fly at
to attack suddenly by or as by flying or springing toward
fly into
to have a violent outburst of [fly into a rage]
fly off
to go away quickly or suddenly; hurry off
☆ fly out pt. & pp.flied
Baseball to be put out by hitting a fly that is caught by a fielder
let fly at or let fly
1. to shoot or throw (at)
2. to direct a verbal attack (at)
on the fly
1. while in flight
2. Informal while in a hurry
fly2 [flī]
pl. flies [ME flie < OE fleoge (akin to Ger fliege) < base fleogan: see FLY1]
a) any dipterous insect; esp., the housefly
b) any of several four-winged insects from various orders, as the mayfly or caddis fly
2. a hook covered with feathers, colored silk, etc. to resemble an insect, used as a lure in fishing: a wet fly drifts below the surface of the water, and a dry fly floats on it
3. Printing a device on a flatbed press for removing and stacking the printed sheets
fly in the ointment
anything, esp. a little thing, that reduces or destroys the value or usefulness of something else
fly3 [flī]
flier, fliest [orig., thieves' slang < ? FLY1]
1. [Slang, Chiefly Brit.] alert and knowing; sharp; quick
2. Slang fashionable, stylish, attractive, etc.

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